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I thought I was living my dream.

Have you been feeling down? Here are some tips on

I noticed that everyone has been feeling real down this Spring, here’s my take on why and how to (try to) turn it around for yourself!

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A restless feeling that has been overwhelming me as I go through some major life changes:

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A Note from the Author:

Sometimes it feels like I’m just going through the motions, and that makes intimacy hard. This is about how I push through it.

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Sometimes happiness doesn’t always last, so it’s important…

The cold is therapeutic for me. It’s hard for me to think about anything other than the blistering cold, and sometimes that is exactly what we need. To forget about everything and just freeze our asses off.

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A bittersweet poem about being small, but important nonetheless.

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A Note from the Author:

This is it, the full guide, everything you need to know about applying for college. The process, scholarships, optimizing your admittance chances, and more, all in one place! (Juniors will find this guide especially useful).

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1. When should I start?

A poem about a day with depression, the beautiful things I notice and the hopeless way I feel about them.

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Seth Honda

A freelance writer, and student at Creighton University. Poetry, science, prose, and essays through the eyes of an adult(ish).

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